Full service vehicle detailing 
center in Seattle, WA

Based in Seattle, WA we operate out of the largest vehicle detailing facility in North America. It's also strategically located adjacent to the Manheim auction, allowing us to move inventory more efficiently. Continue reading below to learn more about our facility or contact us today at 604-533-3116 to schedule a meeting with one of our consultants.
Seattle view

Our warehouse

We're proud to be the largest detail facility in North America. With 55,000 square feet of space to work with, we're a able to store and detail cars at a faster rate than our competitors. And the best part is, we're only one block away from the Manheim Auction, so our cars go right to auction once they have been prepped to sell. 

Contact us 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to ask questions about our fast and efficient storing and detailing process. Want to see everything in action? We'll fly you out to Seattle to give you a tour of our facility and show you exactly how our process works. We're always looking to take on new clients and helping you sell your inventory. You can reach us by phone at 604-533-3116 or ask questions online here.  
Call or email today to let us help you export your inventory: 604-533-3116
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