Partners in Profit

Western Canada's exporter for Dealer & Wholesaler vehicles into the United States

Are you a growing car dealership that wants to sell your inventory faster and for more money? It's time we became "Partners in Profit". At Crossborder, we work with dealerships who sell wholesale inventory here in Western Canada and beyond to provide them with access to auctions in the United States to maximize their profits. Interested in learning more about our services? Contact us today at 604-533-3116 or send us an email to set up a consultation. 
Call today to let us help you move your inventory: 604-533-3116

How our operation works

Here at Crossborder, we work with dealers and wholesalers to help them sell their vehicles at Manheim auctions in Seattle, WA for a higher return on investment using the leverage of a stronger US dollar and a lucrative market demographic. We can assist you with:
  • Increasing wholesale inventory sales volume by exporting your vehicles to the U.S.
  • Accessing U.S. auctions and dealer markets and getting you the right contacts 
  • Increasing revenue generated per asset
  • Capitalize on used vehicles, trade-ins, aged stock and more
On average, we help sell about 1,500 cars every month. Please note that we do not sell vehicles directly to consumers.

Partners in Profit

On the fence? We'll fly you to Seattle.

Not sure if you want to commit to doing business with our team? We're prepared to take you on a two day tour of Seattle and back, all expenses paid. This way, you can see the power of the Crossborder System firsthand and get a better understanding of what our business is about. 

How could you pass this up? Worst case scenario you'll leave with a free trip to the beautiful Pacific Northwest coast of Seattle. Contact our team today to take advantage of our offer.
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    "Wow! What an exciting time to be in the automotive industry. Using the Cross Border System we have doubled our used vehicle volume and better yet, double our gross profit." – Irwin Redekop


    "Fast turn over and fantastic gross margins. We no longer worry about aged inventory, we don’t have any! We buy them, Cross Border sells them. Average days in stock is less than 30 days – way less!"
    – Will Walls


    "Originally we used the Cross Border system to move aged inventory. Very quickly we realized we could generate more profit on trade-ins and buy-ins, without waiting 60 to 90 days to sell our vehicles."
    – Layne Magnuson


    "Being new to the U.S. export game, we started out very nervously but guess what? We generated over $50,000 gross in our first two months. The Cross Border team provided the opportunity and removed all the worries. Awesome!!" - Mal Sivia


    "It all started with a simple phone call. Now I ship cars from Calgary to Cross Border’s Langley B.C. depot. They get the cars to the U.S. and get them sold. Great communication with the team, fast sales and good return. The operation is turn-key and Cross Border does the hard stuff. We love it!" - Derek Robertson

Getting the right contacts

We're actively involved in the dealer market and have an office & warehouse located directly next door to the Manheim Auction location. This, combined with our connections with U.S. Dealer Networks, allows us to hold a favorable and strategic position for selling a high volume of cars with higher margins.
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